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The equipment we have experience with is:

  • Cisco switching

  • Cisco routing

  • Cisco ASA 5506 firewalls

  • Barracuda firewall

  • Sonic firewalls

  • Microsoft servers NT 4.0 to 2016r2

  • WYSE systems built on Hyper-V

  • Hyper-V

  • HP switching

  • QNAP NAS Storage units

  • HP, IBM, Dell ACER, MDG, Alien ware desktops and laptops

  • Lorex Security Cameras

Software we have used:

  • Microsoft server software from NT 4.0 to Server 2019

  • Hyper-V

  • Office 365

  • Office versions from office 2003 to 2019

  • DOS 6.1 to Windows 3.1 to Windows 10

  • Monaris POS systems

  • CUCM construction program

  • multiple kennel software applications

  • AVImark or veterinarian hospitals

  • PetPoint for SPCA

  • Raisers Edge for non-profit fundraising

  • CANTAX client server

  • QuickBooks client server

  • Simply Accounting client serve

  • various email programs

  • SharePoint

  • Lorex Cloud

From a technical perspective we have extensive experience in working with companies like Bell and Rogers to build multiple site branches using MPLS and VPLS connections.

We are available by email 24 / 7 and will respond within 4 hours of a call. We have remote assistance that allows us to remote into your machine with your permission (of course) to help out with any computer problems you may be having.

If the Internet is up we have the same ability (if under contract or if staff onsite have access to the server) to help out the same way, remotely.

Our main support is program means that if your company purchases our monthly maintenance program, we will remote into your network everyday to every machine and check for issues and updates and fix or update each machine as required. This means we do not need a key to your business. Your computers are being looked after off hours allowing you and your staff to be productive during work hours. Should something come up that requires an onsite visit we will call in advance, make repairs.

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