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Construction & HVAC

We work with companies in HVAC as well as construction and are able to streamline their IT to satisfy scheduling, Databases as well as payments such as Monaris, Square and web pay.

Financial Services

We have experience with businesses that do investments, insurance and Income Tax as well as accounting firms. It goes without saying that we are also familiar with the programs they use to day to day business.

Trucking Companies

We have set up an IT infrastructure that allows office staff to work remotely and securely so that invoicing can be done 24/7 so that the trucks can leave on time and the mechanics get paid.

Public Service

We have set up secure networks for offices that adhere to strict guidelines laid out by entities such as Government and Healthcare.


We have extensive experience working in network environments that are funded by various levels of Government.

Animal Hotels & Hospitals

We have set up and configured a secure setup for these companies to match privacy laws as well as implemented disaster recovery as well as site to site connectivity.


We set up a complex computer network to satisfy the needs of a local Union to allow Officers to have access to specific files, accounting to accounting files, etc.  We also Firewalled the network with best possible to build confidence that the information will be safe.

Income Tax Companies

We set up a company to have an ultra secure network so that personal information of clients remain secure. The utilization of disaster recovery was implemented and has been successfully used several times when information accidently went missing.

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