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When Disaster Strikes !

Neon Spheres

An IT disaster can be devastating, costly and very unproductive. 

With our exclusive Disaster Recovery Devices and Cloud Services, CIA Computing can turn your Business interruption around quickly, within hours.


Implementing a disaster recovery program is our commitment to follow best practices in the industry.  We setup and configure our exclusive Disaster Recovery Box that enables us to implement an exact copy of your system so that your business downtime is considerably minimized.  

We also set up a secure off-site cloud backup in case of a complete local disaster, your files will be accessible when you need them. This last method has been used in cases where an attack has been activated on a clients' Server/Computers and their business grinds to a halt. 

Or in the case of fire, theft or physical damage


Planning ahead can reduce downtime and save your company thousands of dollars in recovery costs.

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